Interview mit Martin Jay über Kritische Theorie und »Rackets«

In einem Interview mit Martin Jay über die Geschichte der Kritischen Theorie, das auf der Webseite des National WWII Museum (New Orleans) erschien, fand auch Thorsten Fuchshubers Studie über die Rackettheorie des Instituts für Sozialforschung freundliche Erwähnung:

»Only recently acknowledged, their suggestive, but ultimately abandoned conceptualization of ›racket society‹ as a model to explain the rise of fascism should also be mentioned. Horkheimer in particular sought to formulate a theory of social/political relations based on transactional bonds of protection and loyalty, which bypassed both the class struggle posited by Marxism and the rule of law and monopoly of violence by the state stressed by liberal political theory. In Germany, a massive new book by Thorsten Fuchshuber, Rackets: Kritische Theorie der Bandenherrschaft (Rackets: Critical Theory of Gang Rule), is devoted to their analysis, and I tried to apply some of its lessons to our current situation in a piece this past April called ›Trump, Scorsese and the Frankfurt School’s Theory of Racket Society‹, in the Los Angeles Review of Books.«

Das ganze Interview kann man hier nachlesen.